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Ugly ain't fancy

Welcome to Best Ugly Bagels. Al Brown’s Montreal-style bagels are like no other bagel you’ve had before. These puppies are lighter and chewier than their NYC cousins. We slice them, toast them, and serve them up with a wide range of toppings from our favourite New Zealand producers from around the country.


The story so far

Al spent two years in Montreal in the 80s where he first discovered hand-made, wood-fired bagels. Authenticity is the key.

To create the exact same style, taste and texture, Al and his guys trained in Montreal at what is considered the spiritual home of the extraordinary bagel - Saint Viateur of Montreal. Between their 5 shops, Saint Viateur produce over 3000 dozen bagels per day - all hand rolled and baked in wood-fired stone ovens.

Our name came from our friends in New York at Avroko. We think it best describes our bagels. Not perfect circles, but perfectly tasty.

Montreal vs New York

If you wanted to buy the best bagel in the world there’s only one that’s worth the dough. The Montreal. It’s a whole different animal from its New York cousin. For a start it's crispier on the outside, yet chewy on the inner. These bagels have an airy texture and are not dense like their southern relations. Montreal bagels also exhibit a slightly sweet edge, and unlike the New York variety, they contain no salt!

Working with the best

When we've gone to this amount of trouble to create an authentic artisan product, it makes perfect sense to pair our bagels with products we covet. Click here to meet our ‘Best Ugly’ extended family and get recipes.

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